Monday, December 29, 2008

The Testimonies of the participants

There are too many people who have participated in the asiq Pasak programme either for three hours motivational season or for a day motivational session. I have delivered the talks from the northern states such as Kedah to Sabah and Sarawak and down to Singapore and they were overwhelmingly moved by the proofs that the Quran is indeed the words of Allah. Here are some of the responses, scanned from the original hand written statements. To enlarge the view, please click the testimonies,

These are some of the testimonies of the non-Muslim. You can go to my original site and click the web PASAK at the front of this blog and surf the web. You can also view the pictures of the participants in my web site labelled IMAN up there

There are thousands other hand written testimonies of the participants which had been collected together and kept as scrap books. And look at the participants reactions below.


Why did they raised up their hand?. That were their expression of amazement to the unique nature of the Quran! The simple question posted to them was "if you feel that what I have shown to you is amazing, please raise up you hand" and they did!